Wednesday, April 27, 2011

JD Sumner & The Stamps - Sweet Song of Salvation

Artist: JD Sumner & The Stamps
Album: Sweet Song of Salvation
Genre: Southern Gospel

Here's one from JD Sumner & The Stamps recorded in 1972 about a year after the Stamps became Elvis's touring backup singers/quartet. The member lineup on this album consists of J.D. Sumner, Donnie Sumner, Ed Enoch, Bill Baize, Richard Sterban, Nick Bruno, Duke Dumas and Kenny Hicks.

It would take someone of the caliber of Sterban to sing bass for JD Sumner! If my research is correct, this would be the last full year that Sterban sang with the Stamps until joining the Oak Ridge Boys in 1973. This album was likely considered relatively contemporary for the day and features a song "Sweet Song of Salvation" written by Christian rock pioneer Larry Norman and also happens to be the album's title track.

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Lefevres - Songs of Happiness

Artist: The Lefevres
Album: Songs of Happiness
Genre: Southern Gospel

The vinyl debut of The Lefevres! This was recorded in 1958, only a year after Rex Nelon joined the group. Featuring many songs that went on to be favorites by fans of the group. My apologies for the transfer on this one. The vinyl was not in great shape. I did the best I could. Enjoy the album!

As a bonus, I included a full size image of the cover that I fully restored in print resolution.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Grady Nutt - The Prime Minister of Humor

Artist: Grady Nutt
Album: The Prime Minister of Humor
Genre: Comedy

Another offering from Grady Nutt. Grady is probably best known for his improvisational stand-up routines on Hee-Haw. This album is a childhood favorite. Since these are long out of print and unavailable, I feel confident that he would want the world to hear and be blessed by these hilarious stories of life in the ministry and growing up as a young adult in the church.

The Kingsmen - Closer To Thee

Artist: The Kingsmen Quartet
Album: Closer To Thee
Southern Gospel

The first project from The Kingsmen Quartet recorded in 1959! Although many members have come and gone, this is great Southern Gospel from one of the best quartets in the business! Featuring Frank Cutshall, Reece McKinney, Ray McKinney, Ray Talley and Jack Henderson.